Pictures featuring Washington Park Beach, Washington Park and the Michigan City Lighthouse. Click on picture to see larger image.
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Definitely NOT a Heisman Candidate
Jimmy Moorhead--Wet 'n' Wild
"Hot Cheeto": Out to Sea
Digging a hole to China
"Hey, I found sand... at a BEACH!"
How old are we? 12?
The Michigan City Fire Department was NOT called
Jimmy tends the grill, while Janie supervises.
Hot Dog down! Hot Dog down! We have a grilling casualty.
Frozen hamburgers and a burnt hot dog--YUM!
Janie takes over the grill
What are YOU looking at?
"Alright... ANYtime now..."
Interesting cloud formation over Lake Michigan
Michigan City Lighthouse
A boat returns to Michigan City harbor
Making the turn...
The breakwater light at the entrance to the harbor
Sarah & Kenny at the Lighthouse
...take two...
Awwww... how cute!